Appointment Details

Montefiore Medical Center requires that all patients who are getting genetic testing meet with a genetic counselor prior to testing. These two steps require payment, some or all of which may be covered by your insurance. At your appointment, you will meet with a genetic counselor who will explain the testing process and review your family history. If you decide to pursue testing, blood will be drawn at your appointment and will be sent to the lab for testing. Results will be available 2-3 weeks later.

You are welcome to bring a family member or significant other to your appointment. If your significant other also wants to pursue testing, he or she needs to be registered in our system and scheduled for his or her own appointment. We can typically arrange for couples to have their appointments scheduled at the same time so you can come in together for genetic counseling and genetic testing.

The Division of Reproductive Genetics is a very busy office with dozens of patients coming in weekly, many for serious indications, and space for Jewish carrier screening appointments is often limited. Please be courteous when speaking with our office staff. They will try to help you as best they can!

Here is a list of the current testing options available through our clinic:

Testing panels often change as more is discovered in the realm of genetics. Make sure to check in with us or your doctor to see if your screening is up to date.

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