NOTE: We are currently in the process of changing our genetic testing model to ensure that it is both current and affordable. Please come back in mid-November 2015 to schedule an appointment for Jewish carrier screening.


If you need to be seen sooner, please avail yourself of some of the other genetic testing resources in the NY area. You can find a local genetic counselor by visiting http://www.NSGC.org


The Program for Jewish Genetic Health is working with the Division of Reproductive Genetics at Montefiore Medical Center to provide the community with private genetic counseling and testing for common Jewish genetic diseases.

Please note that this process is NOT for cancer genetic counseling or BRCA testing.

The best time to get tested is before contemplating a pregnancy (and not just the first one!), since many more reproductive options are available then.  This could mean as early as before starting to date, before getting engaged, before getting married, or while planning a pregnancy.

To learn more about preconception carrier screening, watch this video.